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PASSIONATE about the coffee universe.

In Kaba Coffee Center we know that the coffee is a complex product with lots of flavors that can be achieved with the correct manipulation, that is why we joined forces with IBERITAL, to give your bussiness the best tools to extract the best of this universe and to give your customers a 360° experience in specialty coffee.

More than a TOOL for every barista.

Find out our selection of IBERITAL espresso machines adaptables to small and big spaces. The best ally to your establishment.


A 360° Experience

The Expression Pro is designed for high dutty enviroments, and for baristas that aim for the perfect extraction.

It's equiped with multiple functions and programs to control and automatize the extraction parameters with keen precision, all accesible from the touchscreen panel.

With it's double boiler system it is posible to extract an espresso while at the same time generating vapor for the milk frothing.


- Available in 2 colors.

- Weight: 141.1 lb.
- Dimentions: 17.3 in high/ 33.3 in long/ 23.7 in wide
- Available in 2 and 3 extraction groups.

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Functional, reliable, potent and inteligent.

The design of the IB7 takes as reference the classic espresso machines from the 20th century with a modern and more technologically advanced look built with the strongest materials. 

It's also available in various colours to add personality and style to your coffee bar.


- Manometer: A correct preassure gives an extraordinary outcome.

- Anti-splash hot water drives.
- Ergonomically inclined filter holder
- Removable cup heater tray.
- Ajustable and easy to clean vapor tube.
- Available in 3 versions: 1 or 2 extraction groups and 2 compact extraction groups.

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